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  Waxwing Hotel Cafe & Brasserie

Cafe Brasserie :

Waxwing Cafe & Brasserie is proud to be a one-of-a-kind establishment in the region providing a true contemporary culinary experience influenced by the region's widely-known cooking tradition. With its locally sourced ingredients in season and diverse flavours it aims to reflect upon tastes of our gourmet guests in a fashionable environment. While Waxwing brasserie provides a truly-modern, high-standard dining experience, the Cafe aims to attracts a broad local and international clientele in a vibrant environment. Whether you would like to enjoy an evening cocktail or a cigar after a long day of meetings or alternatively taste our in-house grounded coffees brewed by trained baristas, Waxwing Cafe and Brasserie will cater your tastes with impeccable standards of service and menu selection.